SCAQ Kids/CULVER City SWIMMING Beginner Swim Lessons:

We are not currently offering beginner lessons at the Culver Plunge.  We are offering private lessons in Mar Vista.  If you are interested please email




Culver City Pool

4175 Overland Ave

Culver City, CA  90230 

google maps link:


LEGACY - over 40 years

Dara Torres - CCSC Swimmer Mid 70s - notice her swim club on Wikipedia!  


SCAQ coaches Bonnie Adair and Clay Evans re-start CCSC in the new Culver City Plunge.  In two years they built it up to 80 kids.   


Coach Tomo Kayasaki (white blouse) showing kicking style and how to shoot a water polo ball


Coach Bryl Villanuevo (sitting on the kick boards) and Bonnie Adair (co-founder with Clay Evans of CCSC 1997) teaching some diving technique off the boards.


Coach Osiris Briseno (in Red, All-American swimmer at Santa Monica College) giving some water polo instruction.



FIRST CULVER SWIM TEAM KIDS WORKOUT!  February 4, 2008 Re-start #2 for SCAQ.


Top left: Councilman Scott Malsin with CCSC-2008 first coach and co-founder Clay Evans.  Top middle: Parks and Rec Chair Jeff Cooper (now Councilman) with Clay Evans and Riana Cooper.  Riana was CCSC's second coach.  Top right Brian Kocker who's dad is current assistant coach for the CCHS.  Middle row left is Kim Meyer, Brenda Smith, Councilman Scott Malsin and CCSC Co-Founder Robert Smith.  Bottom right is group shot of first ever swimmers in the first ever practice with Jeff Cooper, Clay Evans and Scott Malsin.