SCAQ Kids / Culver Swim Club/ Culver City Swim Lessons /Junior Lifeguard Prep

OUR SWIMMING MISSION: a novice swimming program introducing the sport of swimming to the Culver City community.  We offer a progressive approach to swimming in which kids learn to swim.  During beginner and advance beginner swim lessons kids learn swim skills and technique that prepares them to move into our novice group of swimmers. If novice swimmers wish to begin competing and attending swim meets then they have that opportunity as well, but that is a decision determined by the swimmer and their parents.   Families participate at their own pace 

We want our swimmers to develop a lifetime love for swimming and the water that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


We are not taking any new swimmers at this time! 





FIRST DAY! FIRST SWIM WORKOUT!  February 4, 2008 Re-start #2 for SCAQ.

Top left: Councilman Scott Malsin with CCSC-2008 first coach and co-founder Clay Evans.  Top middle: Parks and Rec Chair Jeff Cooper (now Councilman) with Clay Evans and Riana Cooper.  Riana was CCSC's second coach.  Top right Brian Kocker who's dad is current assistant coach for the CCHS.  Middle row left is Kim Meyer, Brenda Smith, Councilman Scott Malsin and CCSC Co-Founder Robert Smith.  Bottom right is group shot of first ever swimmers in the first ever practice with Jeff Cooper, Clay Evans and Scott Malsin.